Party Bands

If you want to hire a party band for a corporate event or a smaller celebration, you’ve come to the right place.   This is because we only work with bands who have professional quality and relevant experience.   You will hear this through our expert vetting process.   The party bands on our roster have been evaluated by our trained musicians.   We also have years of experience managing large scale events such as the BBC Proms.   Having worked at some of the biggest venues, such as the Royal Festival Hall and the Barbican, we have a lot of know-how.

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Knowledge and experience helps

Our knowledge and experience helps with technical aspects, such as stage layout and electronics.   We also understand what type of sound a band should have to entertain a large crowd.   How a band performs together is crucial in maintaining audience engagement with a large crowd.  


Also due to our extensive experience in event management, we have global music contacts.  That means we can find well known performers, unique artists and interesting performers.     As a result, we guarantee will get everyone celebrating and feeling positive.   You can see from our site that we work with 12-piece bands, world musicians, jazz groups and more.   All of our bands have had exposure to some of the world’s finest musicians.   This is why they are chosen to support big name acts.


Get in contact to hire a party band for a corporate event

We suggest you hire a party band for a corporate event by talking to us first.    That way, you can be sure your event is well understood from the start.   This is important when you think about the impact entertainment has on a large crowd.  The party is often the very last thing guests remember from a big day.     Therefore, the music needs to enhance the mood of the moment and ensure everyone leaves on a high.

As part of understanding your music requirements, we will ask you about your event plans so far.    In addition to the basics of when and where, we will be looking to understand more about the ambience you want to create.   It would also be good to know a little about your guests, so we can offer the right bands to engage them.     When you book a band we us, we offer free music event planning for the night too.  Therefore, you can be sure of a really stress-free performance, so you can also sit back and relax in the evening as well.



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Steppin’ Out

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Pop Live

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